As Cold as Steel, as Arcane as Magic...



Mr. Bean Inserted Into Famous Portrait Paintings by Rodney Pike [via]

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half of these are just screenshots form black adder



If this ever doesn’t get me excited you can be sure I’m dead inside.

#human beings making the robots in their image#not because it’s the most efficient but because these robots are symbols of hope in a hopeless time#an announcement that humanity will not lie down and die#they will stand up#they will fight back#if the foes they face are too big they will make themselves bigger#if one person cannot do it alone they will join forces and fight together#because the one constant throughout all of human history is this#humanity will not give up their precious life without a fight#we value our freedom and our breath and we will fight to the last to defend it#//#pacific rim understood this so much#apocalyptic movies are often so unreal for me because humanity is hopeful#humanity is resilient#humanity will always fight back to take what is theirs#through fire and blood humanity will always fight (via taliaromanov)